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Tattooing since 2009, I work by appointment only at Integrity Alliance Tattoo in Asheville, North Carolina. If you are interested in setting up an appointment, please email me at
When inquiring for a tattoo, please list these specifics:
- concept or subject matter
- placement on body
- desired size in inches
- availability or date you are looking to get tattooed by
- budget
Every piece I do is completely custom, hand drawn, and will only be tattooed once. I have a $150 minimum and deposits are required on all appointments.

sparkly peach tattoo by linnea in asheville nc
Eta carina nebula tattoo space tattoo ornate frame tattoo by LINNEA tattoos in Asheville tattoo shop
black moon moth by LINNEA in asheville nc chicago
cute totoro tattoo flowers by linnea in asheville nc
cute glittery barbie brat heart tattoo by linnea in asheville nc